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Many people looking to purchase vacant land ask if they can park their trailer or RV and camp on their property once they purchase it.   I have the dubious responsibility to inform everyone purchasing vacant property that you can not occupy a trailer, bunky or even camp on your vacant property.

This is a Municipal and Peninsula wide by-law…including both Northern Bruce Peninsula and South Bruce Peninsula (Wiarton area).  I do not make the rules, I am only the messenger!

If you do occupy a trailer or camp on a vacant lot without the express knowledge and agreement of the Muncipality you can be asked to cease and desist and/or you can be fined.  The Municipality will allow you to occupy a trailer on the property once you have a building permit and have paid a bond (currently it’s $2,000).  They do recognize that most people do not live in the area and will allow camping on the property during the building process so that you can oversee the construction of your home or cottage.  There is a time limit of 1 year (which can be extended for another year) and at the end of construction when the trailer is removed they will refund half of the bond.

Click on the “Trailer” photo above for the complete Trailer By-Law, including fines.

If you have an existing residential home or cottage, you can have up to two tents/trailers/motor homes on the property and they can be occupied for up to 7 consecutive days at one time.  You need permission from the Municipality for more than two occupied units, for special occasions or longer occupancy.  See Schedule A of the By-Law.

All buyers  need to be informed of all factors that affect a property so that they can make an educated and wise decision whether they want to buy or not.  The Trailer By-law can affect your decision to buy.

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