10 Benefits of an Over Priced Listing

1.  Your ListingLotsofSigns increases Your Agent’s profile in the marketplace, the more listings, the higher the profile

2.  Your Listing increases Your Agent’s advertising presence

3.  Your Listing increases Your Agent’s ability to attract other Listings

4.  Your Listing helps Your Agent and other agents sell their more attractively priced properties

5.  Other Agents have more time to focus on more attractively priced listings because they won’t show or stop showing Your Listing  Overpriced

6.  Buyer ‘s love to see All those REDUCTIONS and expect even more when they do make an offer

7.  Your Listing increases Your Agent’s chances of selling it his/herself because other agents won’t show or stop showing Your Listing

GreedyAgent8.  When Your Agent sells Your Listing his/herself, he/she makes more money, no matter what the price, because the commission doesn’t have to be shared.

9.  You are so happy when your place finally sells, even if it’s below market value

10.The Sale of Your Listing, no matter what the price, makes Your Agent look good!


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Sellers!  Don’t get caught in the Over Priced Trap!

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