Don’t get caught in the Over Priced Trap!

AvoidOverPrice1.  Interview more than one agent.

2.  Be suspicious if someone quotes you a price of more than 20 or 30% (or more) over another agent’s suggestion.

3.  Ask for support with comparable sales…and be honest with yourself on what you know your value to be.

4.  Don’t make a decision if you are being pressured or are uncomfortable…step away and revisit at another time.

5.  If you are suspicious, don’t sign a long contract…leave your options open, in case you want to call the other agent back in.  The other agent will not be offended if you do!

6.  Remember that Buyers are educated and follow real estate values closely…they know when a property is over priced.

7.  Choose an agent based on honesty, ethics, exerience, competence, and success…someone you are comfortable with!

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