Mosquitos, Snakes, and Bears, Oh My!

I get asked a lot about the wildlife on the Penisnsula, especially about Mosquitos, Snakes and Bears…

Yes, we have Mosquitos, Snakes and Bears on the Bruce Peninsula, and a whole host of other natural wildlife.  That’s all part of the beauty of the Peninsula (well, all but the mosquitos).  This is a World Biosphere protected area.  Also protected by the Niagara Escarpment Commission and Parks Canada.  We should be so lucky to still be able to enjoy such natural beauty.  But, I digress…

mosquitoBugs…well in general, they are not bad, but as usual I have to add “I can’t guarantee that”.  Black flies are around for a couple of weeks in May, if it’s cool and rainy they stick around longer, but if it’s hot they go away much sooner.  Mosquitos are around most of the summer and worse right at dusk…but I personally have not had a lot of problems with mosquitos, generally the breezes keep them away.  Then there’s the deer/horse flies…well, I hate these guys…you will generally find them when walking on the road or in the bush, and they are around most of the summer.  With all the travelling I do outdoors showing property, all summer long, I can say I haven’t had too many issues with Bugs.

This is one of my photos!  Found him in a swamp.

This is one of my photos! Found him in a swamp.

There are a variety of snakes on the Peninsula and most of them are harmless.  The Bruce Peninsula is one of the few remaining homes to the Massassauga Rattlesnake, and it is poisonous…it is also a protected species and carry’s a large fine if you kill one.  The hospitals and vets in the area do stock anti venom if you or your dog is bitten…the key is stay calm until you get help.  Here’s a great link provided by Parks Canada that gives you the low-down on these low crawling creatures:


I saw this guy in a field off of Hwy #6 near Johnson Harbour

I saw this guy in a field off of Hwy #6 near Johnson Harbour

There are Black Bears in the area.  In my 20 years here, I have seen (from a distance) about 4 bears.  So sightings can be rare.  You are most likely to encounter a bear if you try to feed it, leave garbage out or have a bird feeder…all things highly recommended that you don’t do.

This bear was killed on the Highway when someone started to feed him!

Here’s a great site for Black Bear facts:

Took this shot of wild turkeys in my neighbourhood today

Took this shot of wild turkeys in my neighbourhood today

Other animals native to the area…porcupine, snow shoe rabbits (they are brown in the summer and white in the winter), coyote, fox, flying squirrels (cute…the last one I encountered was in my BBQ), red squirrels, fishers (brought to the Peninsula to reduce the porcupine population—they are they only natural enemy of the porcupine), martins, yellow spotted salamander (I was surprised to see one of these…they are quite rare to see), wild turkey (a lot of these in my neighbourhood), deer (best sightings in Johnson Harbour) and a huge assortment of wild birds (I have had Merlins and the majestic Bald Eagle at my property).
Animals and birds are to be appreciated…but please don’t feed them.  If you feed a Bear, you kill him!

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