Yes, we can sell Landlocked Property!

I get about 2 of these a year, and they can be a challenge to sell.  First off, generally, there is no access to the property and no survey.  So trying to locate the property in the middle of the bush is extremely difficult.

Most recent landlocked property...just sold!
Most recent landlocked property…just sold!

Secondly, you can not get a building permit for a property that does not have Municipal road access.  This means, in order to build a home, you need to first build a road.  This can be very expensive since it involves many things, such as surveying all of the properties adjoining the unopened road allowance (that is if there is an unopened road allowance).  You must also build to Municipal standards which will require an engineer and possibly different environmental studies.

Even if you want to just use the property for recreational purposes or for timber or for hunting, you still have to find access to the property.  You might be able to cut a trial along the unopened road allowance…but you need to get the approval of the Municipality and they will require that you survey the adjoining properties along the allowance.

There might be a trail track to the property, but you are going to have to ensure that you can indeed use it.  You may have to cross private property…and that means getting permission from the other property owner(s).

It’s all of these reasons why landlocked properties are so attractively priced…you get what you pay for!  These can be attractive properties but you need to do some research before buying.

For road information, contact Bill Rydall at the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula at 519-793-3522

Here’s the link to the Municipal Form to open a road allowance:

Here’s the contact information for the Building Inspector:  Wendy Elliott, Deputy Chief Building Official
Email:    (519) 793-3522, X227

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