First of all, I have to tell you that because of the huge outcry from residents about these New “Proposed” By-law changes that were recommended for approval, the Northern Bruce Peninsula Council has agreed to postpone the passing of these By-laws, “until further notice”.  However, it is my opinion that these will come up again in future and everyone should be aware and be prepared.

Having said that, I had the link from the Municipality to share with you so that you could review the changes yourselves, but found out that shortly after the meeting all documents regarding the New Comprehensive Zoning By-laws have been removed from both the Municipal site as well as from the Planning Department’s site.  Which I find surprising!  Unfortunately I didn’t save the files because they were too large.

I called the Municipality and was told “We don’t think you need to worry about that” and “There is no impact on anything at the present time.”  However, if you want to do anything to your property now, they are verbally quoting from the New Comprehensive Zoning By-Law…and…Here’s an excerpt from a recent letter from the Planning Department regarding an issue with one of my client’s properties:

“Staff have proposed to change the zoning of the lands from C4 to R2 (or an analogous LR Lake Residential*) zone as part of a recommended new comprehensive zoning by-law for the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula that would replace by-law 2002-54. The Municipality has deferred passage of this by-law in order to address other matters with the by-law that are unrelated to your property. At present there appear to be two options:
1. Allow the zoning to be addressed through a comprehensive zoning by-law review/ change as is currently underway, noting that the timeline for this by-law is unclear”

*this is a new zoning category in the New Comprehensive Zoning By-law

When the County and Province are recommending sweeping changes to our properties and have spent a huge amount of money and time into preparing a document for New Comprehensive Zoning By-laws in this area, I have a hard time believing that we won’t be seeing this again.

I will point out that major changes were to EH (more of it identified especially in the Tobermory area) and a new EH-a (Provincially Significant Wetlands), which has significant impact on many properties due to the 120 metre set back.  When I reviewed the EH-a, I discovered there is a huge area in Stokes Bay, Little Pine Tree Harbour/Pleasant Harbour and Dorcas Bay where an “Environmental Impact Study” may need to be completed before building or altering your properties.

Also, most of Lions Head and Isthmus Bay would be impacted with a similar “may” need an “Environmental Impact Study” for what is called “Intake Protection Zones”.

I did save the maps for these and have highlighted the areas affected, for your review.  Here’s the link:


I did not have enough time to review all changes before the links were removed, sorry!

The changes were made “public” by placing an ad in the Tobermory Press.  It took some time for residents to digest this and begin the outcry.  I am sure that many people are still in the dark.  I found it interesting in the report (link below) that they decided not to mail this out to all residents because they wanted to “save costs” (page 2 under Notice of Public Hearing).

I am attaching the link for the Minutes of the Council meeting (which I attended) as well as the link for the full report from the Planning Department and letters to the Planning Department from residents.  Hopefully these links will still be available (if not, I have saved both on my computer).  This will give you a very good idea of the sweeping proposed changes.

Report on new by-laws:


Minutes of Council meeting:


If you have any questions, feel free to call me, I’ll share what I know, but I can no longer review the zoning maps (because they too have been removed) to tell you how this may have impacted your property.

I will inform you of any new developments should this become active again.