OutdoorShowerOne of my favourite things at the cottage, now my home, is the “Outdoor” Shower.  I use my outdoor shower all summer long rather than showering indoors.  There’s the feeling of being one with nature.  While showering, I can watch the birds in the trees, see and listen to the lake and just feel good about the day ahead.  I find it invigorating, even on colder days.

The secret to the “Outdoor” shower is to position it right.  You want to make sure you have privacy yet enjoy the scenery around you…so do some scoping out before beginning to build it.  The other very important thing is making sure you have both cold and hot water in your shower.  I’ve seen ones with just cold water but, even on those really hot days it can be a shock to the system.  So, make sure you know what you are doing when you plumb the shower, or better still, hire a plumber.

It’s great in the spring, summer and fall, but you should be sure to winterize it prior to cold weather.  All pipes need to be drained, inside taps to the outside facets should be turned off and leave the outside faucets “open”.  Here’s a great link for winterizing:  http://www.homeenergyresourcemn.org/basic_care/section_detail.aspx?itemID=2956&catID=759&SelectCatID=759&cat_1=751&cat_2=759

Like any other addition to your home an outdoor shower should be approved by the building inspector and may require special drainage.  Be sure to do it right!

Here’s a link to some great “Outdoor” shower designs: 

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