What is “EH” Zoning?


Beautiful Swamp

Beautiful Swamp

“EH” stands for Environmental Hazard…it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s just an area on a property that’s water. EH could simply be low lying water.  Because we are predominantly rock in this area it often takes longer for water to absorb into the earth, so it tends to stay around a bit longer than usual.


Swamp Beauty

Swamp Beauty

“EH” could be a swampy area, where the water on a property is a bit deeper than just lying water. Swamps can be beautiful and attract lots of birds and other wildlife. I personally own a gorgeous swamp…the photos here are from my swamp property.



Wave Action Causes Uprush

Wave Action Causes Uprush

“EH” could also be expected water uprush from the lake. If you own a waterfront property wave action caused by storms or changes in water levels can cause water uprush and is designated as such with this zoning.

Other EH properties could be government zoned areas for environmental protection.  If it’s an environmentally protected area, the government does not want that specific area disturbed.

One advantage of having EH zoning on your property is that you may be able to  apply to the Ontario Government’s Conservation Land Tax Incentive program and have that area of the property exempt from taxes…really! I have another Blog on this…but you can find more information at:  http://www.ontario.ca/CLTIP

How do you know that there is “EH” zoning on your property? This zoning is all mapped out on the Bruce County website at:  www.brucecounty.on.ca

EH is Dark Blue

EH is Dark Blue

Knowing if you have EH is important mostly to those who are buying or selling vacant land.  Simply because you want to know if it can be built on. When a property is being sold, all registered real estate professionals must inform you of this and any other zoning that may affect your future use of the property. Usually you will see it on a listing under zoning. In any case it is something you should always enquire about and be sure you know what it’s impact means to your specific needs.  The map to the side is an example of some properties with EH.  EH is designated as the dark blue section.

Here’s the link to the Municipal by-law regarding “EH” zoning: http://www.davismclay.com/EH.pdf

“EH” zoning on a property will affect it’s value.  Know it’s impact and how it affects you.


Kathy Dimaline is a Real Estate Broker for RE/MAX Grey Bruce Realty Inc.  The comments on this Blog are the opinions, only, of Kathy Dimaline and do not constitute any legal advice or legal opinion and does not represent the interests or opinions of RE/MAX Grey Bruce Realty Inc., brokerage.



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