Electronic signatures make life easier, uses less paper and gives you better control of the signing process. It is also the way of the future. However, it does take some getting used to.

You will receive an email from me that looks like this:


Note: If two of you need to sign, you will each receive a separate email and each will sign separately.

Read the message carefully because I will include instructions and details for each document to help you understand the actual documents that are included for signature.

Then click on the Pen Icon–Click here to sign.

This will take you to the Authentisign website, with a box entitled “Adopt a Signature”. You can do one of two types of signatures, choose a font—click on the Select a Font button. Click next to the font you like then click on Save.

Or, you can draw your signature. Click on the Draw your Signature button. This works well if you have a touch screen, simply use your finger and draw your signature. If you do not have a touch screen, you will have to use your mouse. Once finished click Next (or clear to try again). Now do your initials, then click Adopt Signature. Then click Accept.


You will then be taken to the document ready for your initials and signature. Review the document just as you would any other so that you completely understand what you are signing…(this is when my initial message with details and instructions will help).

When you are ready to sign, click the red Start button at the top right hand corner.


Then simply click on each of the places marked for initials and signatures…you will see the yellow box change to the style of signature you chose.


NO need to date…each signature is date and time stamped automatically.

When you have finished your last signature, click on the Complete button at top right.


Then click Complete Signing from the next drop down box.

Next, you will be asked for a Password, this is IMPORTANT, because this will allow you to access your signed documents and view the signing process.


You will then get a Thank You for using this process. Your job is done!

PLEASE NOTE: Once you receive this notice, you can be assured that the document has been automatically EMAILED BACK TO ME AND/OR ON TO THE NEXT PERSON FOR SIGNING.

You can access the document and view the signing process by clicking on the Click Here highlighted on the Thank You page:


Or, click on the highlighted Click Here, at any time, in the original email that was sent to you.

You will be taken to the Dashboard which will ask for your ID and Password, or will tell you that your signature has already been accepted…click on the Click Here highlighted on the left hand side.


Enter your user name (your email address) and password (the password you created earlier).


You can then see who has signed and who hasn’t, and navigate through the documents.


You can leave the document in the Authentisign program for access at any time or print it for your files or save it as a .pdf.

Once you have done this once, it’s very simple…and, you will have to do it again for other documents such as Offers and Counter Offers.



Kathy Dimaline is a Real Estate Broker for RE/MAX Grey Bruce Realty Inc.  The comments on this Blog are the opinions, only, of Kathy Dimaline and do not constitute any legal advice or legal opinion and does not represent the interests or opinions of RE/MAX Grey Bruce Realty Inc., brokerage.