Looking for property on the Bruce Peninsula or other parts of Bruce County? Here’s a great tool to help you find out a lot of information on the property or properties you are interested in.

Bruce County Mapping is available to the general public. This program will provide you with the following major information: Lot size, legal description, property boundaries (not to be considered to be accurate), location, assessment information, tax information, satellite view, zoning, UTM co-ordinates…and much more. I’ll share what I know with you here…play with it and you will find it has many other uses.


Go to: https://maps.brucecounty.on.ca/Geocortex/Html5Viewer/index.html?viewer=Bruce_County_Maps.Bruce_County_Maps_Viewer

This link will take you to a new web page so that you can alternate between that one and this one to help with instructions.

Click on Submit

Click on: Interactive Maps Tab, Click on “Go to the Page…”

Click on Photo to go to Website
Click on Photo to go to Website

Click on: The Pink Map (you may want to bookmark this page)


Click on:  Query, in drop down box chose “Properties by”, then chose whether you want to use the address or the roll number (MLS #)


Click on:  The Red Civic Address or Roll Number, on the right hand side of your screen

BruceCounty6From this, you will be taken to the actual property which will be outlined in red on the map.


You will also receive a box with the property data…which includes Civic address (if there is one), roll number, legal description, assessment, property taxes, and property size.

At the bottom of the screen are a number of useful icons.  Always make sure you have made your icon choice first (so that it is hightlighted in red), then click on the location on the map.  The most useful are the zoom in and zoom out (+ -).  Use the “hand” icon to move around on the map.  The “i” icon will give you the data on any property that you click on.  The eraser will delete the outline around the property or any lines that you add…such as those you may create using the very useful measuring tool icon (ruler with two arrows and question mark).



The above gives you the basics.  For more details on a property you will have to do some experimenting.  Here are the common searches that I do on a property.

Zoning.  At the top of the map, click on the “View” tab, then click “Layer List”.  On the right hand side, click on “Municipality-Specific” and then click on “Northern Bruce Peninsula” (or any other Municipality listed), then click on “Zoning” (even though it looks like it’s already checked).

BruceCounty10You will then get a new map with different colours on it.  These are the different zoning codes.  For instance, yellow is R2 (Resort Residential), the Grey is RU1 (Rural Residential) and the dark Blue is “EH” (you can get more information about EH zoning on my Blog at:  https://kathydimaline.wordpress.com/2015/03/08/what-is-eh-zoning/

To obtain a legend of all zoning, Click on the “View” tab, then click on “Legend”–you will get a colour coded list on the right hand side.

For all Northern Bruce Peninsula zoning by-laws, click here:  http://www.brucecounty.on.ca/assets/departments/planning/files/NBP%20Documents/NBP%20CBL%202002%2054%20w%20Office%20Consol%20Dec%202014.pdf#page=1&zoom=auto,-15,397


Aerial Photographs.   Click on the “View” tab.  Click on “Layer List”.  On the right hand side, click on “Aerial Photography”.  Click on “Uncheck to simplify photo”…don’t forget to do this, even if it looks as though it is already checked.  Then click on the box next to “Spring 2010”.  You may have to wait awhile for it to come up.  You will have the property still outlined in red and be able to have a topographical view of that property with all it’s features.


The Best Way to Get UTM Coordinates.  First, click on the “i” icon at the bottom of the screen.  Then, place your cursor on one of the corners of the property and click.  You will get a data box to the right, at the very bottom you will find the UTM codes (it’s not going to be 100% accurate, but will give you a very good idea).  You can then do each of the other corners.

This is a very useful tool.  I hope these instructions help.  Play around with it, you may find other uses.


Kathy Dimaline is a Real Estate Broker for RE/MAX Grey Bruce Realty Inc.  The comments on this Blog are the opinions, only, of Kathy Dimaline and do not constitute any legal advice or legal opinion and does not represent the interests or opinions of RE/MAX Grey Bruce Realty Inc., brokerage.